The Varese Prealps: new data on the Neolithic and the Copper Age in Northern Italy

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Banchieri D.G.


Preisoria Alpina, Museo Trentino di Scienze Naturali, Volume 35 , pp.281-289 (2001)


Pizzo di Bodio; Calcolitico; Lombardia; Neolitico antico; Vasi a Bocca Quadrata


The first dwelling structure of Pizzo di Bodio (Early Neolithic- Isolino Group) yielded human remains dating to 6060±80 BP. At Pizzo di Bodio, phase I of the Square Mouth Vase Culture (geometric-linear style) was recognized as well as phase 11 that can now be identified with the "Isolino facies".