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Peretto, C., Carbonell, E., Cruz Gomez da Pinto, A.R., Darlas, A., De Lumley, H., Fontana, F., Giunchi, C., Goren-Inbar, N., Thun Hohenstein, U. , "Migration and diffusion of hominids and anatomically modern humans in the Mediterranean basin in early prehistory: palaeoenvironments, routes, settlements, subsistence", Rivista di antropologia, vol. 78: Italian Institute of Anthropology, pp. 237-242, 2000  .
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Peretto, C., Biagi, P., Boschian, G., Broglio, A., De Stefani, M., Fasani, L., Fontana, F., Grifoni, R., Guerreschi, A., Iacopini, A., Minelli, A., Pala, R., Peresani, M., Radi, G., Ronchitelli, A., Sarti, L., Thun Hohenstein, U., Tozzi, C. , "Living-Floors and Structures. From the Lower Paleolithic to the Bronze Age in Italy", Collegium Antropologicum, vol. 28, issue 1, pp. 63-88, 06/2004.
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