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Fowler, C., Harding, J., Hofmann, D. , "The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe: An Introduction.", The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press, pp. 3-23, 2015  .
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Chadwick, A., Pollard, J., Peterson, R., Hamilton, M., Wickstead, H., Cummings, V., Fowler, C., Muñoz, S., Roberts, J., Cruse, J., Germany, M., Holtorf, C. , "PAST. The newsletter of the Prehistoric society", PAST, vol. 44, London, University College London, Institute of Archaeology, 07/2003.
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Fowler, B. , "Man in glacier offers rich trove from the Stone Age.", Science Times. The New York Times, pp. C1-C2, 1992  .
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Fowler, B. , Iceman, , New York, Random House, 2000  .
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Fleckinger, A., Moser, H., Stampfer, H., Fowler, B., Gaber, O., De Stefano, G.F., Capasso, L., Spindler, K., Leitner, W., Bortenschlager, S., Oeggl, K., Mello, E., Perrucca, G., Romussi, W., Angelantoni, C. , Die Gletschermumie aus der Kupferzeit. La mummia dell'età del Rame. (1), , Bolzano, Folio, pp. 125, 1999  .
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